Thursday, January 8, 2009

my funniest moment....

Last 2007, my father decide to buy new house as a investment in the future. So he want me and my brother to look a house at bangi area because I and my brother were study here.

At the first day we find out the new house in area bangi, all the house is so expensive. So we decide to just find with property agent but still not have a suitable house.

One day, I go out with my friend to do study group at her house. When I enter to her house area I were read the signboard "FOR SALE" at gate of my friend's neighbour. So with the high confident level, I go to that house to asking the owner about the prosedur to buy that house.

When I asking the owner that I interested to buy this house, the owner of that house said " who say I want to sale this house?? I just want to sale this gate not this house". I'm so shocked when he said like that and I just left his house after that. My friend also laugh to me and I feel so embrassed. This is the funniest moment in my life.

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