Thursday, February 5, 2009

my favourite past time....

You all know?.. I like reading novels.. and collect it! This is my favourite past time.
I like BIKASH NUR IDRIS, FAUZIAH ASHAARI and AISYA SOFEA books.. it's very fun to whom read it.. It's about teenagers,family and love..
Know what.. i'm only like to reading MY OWN NOVELS! hahaha..
Actually when i'm borrow my friend's novels.. I'm very lazy to read it.. and i think.. the novels is not best to read.. but when i'm reading my own novels.. only 1 hours i can finish it.. Now i have a lots of novel and I did'nt borrow from my friend again. hehehehe...Sometimes they were borrow from me. I hope one day I can open my own gallery about novel. hehehe...

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